This simple DIY kit is the perfect gift for the creative person. The large size has two little plants wrapped in burlap, birch planter, two types of decorative stones and succulent soil all contained in an antique mason jar. The small size contains one plant and one type of stones with same accompaniment as the large. 

Directions: Before planting your succulent, gently take the burlap off. The idea behind this kit is to let yourself get creative so whether you choose to plant in the birch or something adorable in your house, you get to create something great! The stones are for laying on top of the soil once you've finished planting...or if you're going to put your plant(s) in a terrarium, perhaps you can put them on the bottom of your pot. As for the mason jar, it is just a bonus that we use to keep all these little gems together. Should you choose to plant in the mason jar, you will most likely need more soil.

DIY kits are for at Toronto Designer's Market and Easy Tiger in Toronto or via email to