About us

Succulents are our passion.

Whether you are looking to expand your thriving plant collection or whether you are the "I kill every plant" person, these plants are perfect for you. They don't ask for much. 

We offer both planted pieces and individual plants for sale. Each one of our arrangements are individually curated so they are both detailed and one of a kind. All our products are available for wholesale.

If you are considering succulent arrangements for a wedding, we are able to work with other species of plants in addition to succulents. We offer table arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres and party favours.


The story behind our name

There once was a horse named Fergus. His hair was as white as the snow. He was wiggly and weird when you rode him but he was as majestic as a unicorn to see. This horse inspired our co-founder, Gillian Taylor, to take up the life of an equestrian.

The name Snaffle&Mane was inspired by the image Gillian chose as our logo. A snaffle is the piece of a bridle (a bit) that fits into the horse's mouth and we're pretty sure you can figure out what the mane is from. Both things are depicted in our logo image.

Mystery solved.